Expressing much gratitude to everyone who has appreciated my photography. Thank you!!! The over pouring of support feeds my fire. I will update periodically making other prints available. As of now, I have a run of 21 prints and will limit this run to 10 copies of each print. They will be signed and numbered accordingly. The printing process can usually be outsourced, but I'm fortunate to have access to professional printing equipment! The process is tedious, the time put behind it is considerable, and I feel like I'm taking steps towards being a well-rounded photographer. :)

My ultimate goal is to begin to print in a larger format, but for that, I'm going to have to upgrade the equipment friends have lent me since I lost my equipment last year. Another goal is to travel as much as possible, visit places I've longed to visit, and exploit my sensibility to produce work I can share. 

I can offer a substantial discount on this run as I am to print 12x18 sizes with an option to matte the print in white extending it to 18x24. Pricing: 12x18 print 75.00; 18x24 105.00. Pricing is subjective in this field, but I would venture to say that my work is about at a %50 discount. 

My next destination: Patagonia

I am beyond stoked to be able to visit the South. Fellow photographer Andy Giordano and I will explore Chile backpacking Torres del Paine, and eventually make our way to El Chalten in Argentina. With a packed itinerary and 17 days of travel, this is going to be a game changer for me. Moreover, I look forward to spending some time with family in Argentina! It's been 9 years since my last visit. 

Well, thanks for visiting, consider supporting my art, and share if you feel inclined to. 

Hasta pronto,


Diego Panasiti